is that a rhino on your leg or


Chrys watches GoT [x]

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5x04 ~ The End

6x20 ~ The Man Who Would Be King

8x10 ~ Torn and Frayed

9x18 ~ Meta Fiction


More Supernatural Photosets

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i wanted to go see the new captain america in the cinema and i was like really excited about it ‘cause i haven’t gone to the cinema in a really long time ‘cause i don’t really have money for stuff like that 

so i check the cinema’s website right and it turns out you can only see it in fucking 3D and the only 2D option is with fucking dubbing so lbr it’s like there’s no 2D option i’m so mad i hate 3D

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going to college is great

getting married is great

having children is great

but implying that there’s something wrong with people who don’t want to do those things and that they’ll never feel fulfilled in life if they never do those things is not great

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The 12th Doctor…Chris Kendall (x)

a cinematic masterpiece

Allons-y motherfucker

i have been waiting for this my whole life

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All the best!

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