is that a rhino on your leg or

coming back to make a sad post about Lamps feelings because wow i never thought i’d be crying because of him ever again but here i am and it’s hard to stand i mean goddammit it’s not okay first he didn’t even get a proper goodbye but i thought at least he was playing in a different league but no now he’s playing for our rival team AND scoring against us and making it the first game we didn’t win this season god this hurts too much i was mad i couldn’t watch the game ‘cause of family but now i think i’m glad i didn’t it woud’ve been bad to see it live i don’t wanna see him play for them pls stop i want him back it’s not fair D:

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#lampsy's making me emotional i mean fuck he was the reason i started supporting cfc #and now not only he left but also i have to see him in a man city shirt i'm not taking it well #NOBODY UNDERSTANDS

azpilicueta replied to your post“uhm hello? “Replace with your own answers and then tag ten people.” …”
I was going to write Thank god you’re still alive and then i read the tag. Welcome back!
haha thanks! tho idk if i could say i’m back tbh i’ve been checking tumblr in my free time regularly i just don’t really post anything
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uhm hello?

"Replace with your own answers and then tag ten people."

Name: Natalia

Nickname: uhm i’ve had a few tho the most recent is Natsi cuz my uni friend started calling me that as a joke cuz it sounds all dumb and sickeningly sweet and then somehow everyone started calling me that ;u;

Birthday: 26th may

Gender: female

Sexuality: bisexual

Height: 167 cm

Time zone: GMT +1 i think lol it depends on the whole summer time/winter time shit don’t ask me that

What time and date is it there: 23:33, 7th september

Average hours of sleep I get a night: usually 10 hours if i can tho my sleeping schedule was fucked up for the past month cuz of a fucked up job

Last thing I googled was: uhm superposition i’m helping a friend with her maths exam

Most used phrase(s): ‘so yeah’ or sth like that lol

First word that comes to mind: pizza

What I last said to a family member: that i’d just watch a tv show episode instead when my dad told me we wouldn’t watch a movie cuz he and my mum were too sleepy

One place that makes me happy and why: oh geez idk my friends’ dorms? cuz when i’m there with them i feel like they actually want me to be there unlike with my before-uni friends

How many blankets I sleep under: one or none

Favourite beverage(s): idk beer?

Last movie I watched in the cinema: x-men:dofp

Three things I can’t live without: uhmmm friends, computer, good food

A piece of advice to all my followers: do what you want to do and not what everyone around expects you to i guess it’s simple but important

You all have to listen to this song: lol idk goat remix of what does the fox say i love goat remixes

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those cashiers that let you buy things when you’re missing a few cents deserve to live forever

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that really fucking bugs him

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Off to Holland!

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Sam talks about hating demons, Dean says “I got a hell of a lot more running through me than demon juice.” Dean has made it back into the Men of Letters bunkers and tells Sam that he knows what he did trying to find him, so which one of them is “really the monster?”. The two are fighting each other in one of the bunker halls after Dean stalks his brother with an axe



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